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My daughter Laura has a blog Are we nearly there yet mummy which charts the journey of her life as a wife and mother; the ups and the downs of family life, the moments of hilarity, of normality and at times of sadness. It has kept me in close touch with my family, especially when I lived in Spain.

For a few years I have occasionally contributed under the pseudo name Gramps. My stories seemed to be well received by the visitors to Laura’s blog, a response that has encouraged me to start my very own blog. It will be a smorgasbord of cheerful stories, life experiences and comment. My blog will also be a lasting legacy to my grandchildren, stories that they may read long after I have shuffled of the mortal coil. But for now, much to my surprise, in the words of Elton John’s  song “I’m still standing after all this time.”


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  1. Helen Renton nee Dick

    Thanks for these lovely tales reminding me of childhood in Bonnyrigg. I and my twin sister were born and brought up in Lothian Street and if I remember rightly you were on the same trip to Blanes in the Costa Brava in 1967 with Teachers Bill Ingram and Bella Burns in charge. Happy Days!

    1. Gramps Post author

      Not me Helen! In 1967 I was at Napier Technical College. I love the Costa Brava but never been to Blanes. I’m glad you like my stories – I’ve a few more in the pipeline.

  2. Moira Krawczyk

    I happen to be looking on some sites about old Lasswade village school and pupils of 1956. What a wonderful surprise to come upon your “lifeaccordingto gramps.” I spent a couple of hours reading all your blogs with regards to your days in Bonnyrigg, Lasswade Primary School and your life there after – living within the sassenachs’ boundaries!
    You were just ‘Sandy’ to us in our class ( the tallest) and we didn’t know that you would grow into such a mischievous boy.
    I loved the class photo on your blog ( I think we all must have been around 6 years) when it was taken. My still remaining friends of those days ( listed below) meet up occasionally and chat about the old days at primary and what capers we or others got up to. Happy memories of the past keep the old grey matter enriched till we can meet up again in a few months. We always meet up when Margaret comes on a home visit from Norway as she has lived there for many years with her Husband Ola.
    Margaret Duncan now Sorhagen, Janine McKenzie, now Green, Jill Rutherford and I (Moira Grandison now Krawczyk ) all have memories from that school time too. However Sandy, we have to correct you on one account , this was when Miss McIntosh collapsed during that awful ‘Leprosy’ film shown by the minister Mr. Horn, the girls name was Gwendoline Criddle not Goodall. Margaret Duncan assured me of that this morning when visiting.
    We were giggling when we were reminded of the American temp. Music teacher and the songs you mentioned. Margaret and I attempted to try sing them at that moment for we too remembered some snatches of them. Oh!
    What fun!! Not! ! Just old girls trying to be young for a few seconds.
    Your mutt tales are a scream as well! I was relaying to Margaret the tale of your poor executed pet dog / road – kill, and the cartoon of its wee head popping out the top of the dust cart…..oh! The wee thing! I hope you had a red face !
    Hoping you keep writing your ” gramps tales” Sandy. You are a good writer we All agree. All the best on behalf of old class contemporaries….Moira Grandison and friends from old Lasswade school 1956.

  3. private investigator

    I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.

  4. Angela vW

    I have just discovered your blog, not sure how to subscribe to updates, but was looking around the web for pictures of Ivanlea Polton lasswade, which I think was a home of rest where my Gt Grandfather died. A few of my family members by the name of Kilgour,where born in Lasswade & Cockpen, so was very interested to learn your stories. Thank you very much!

    1. Gramps Post author

      Hi Angela. I’m glad you found my stories interesting. I’m not sure how you can subscribe but I usually post the stories on my Facebook site (Sandy Wilson) I’ll find out more about subscribing and let you know. I’m in the process of pulling all the stories together to publish a book. If you join Old Midlothian – Memory Lane of Facebook you would find some interesting stuff and contacts there. Sandy

  5. Moira (Graandison) Krawczyk

    I have noticed you have not written any monthly materials of late. I think your last Blog was March 2016.
    Margaret (Duncan-Sorhagen) is here from Norway once again to meet her newly born first grand-daughter. A delight for all the family.
    It was Margaret who asked me if I had noticed anymore writing on your Blog, which of course I had not. Hope to see something soon……..

    Best Wishes from ‘Two Old Class Mates of 1956″ (Moira and Margaret)


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