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Sometimes you just have to laugh at politicians. Their lives are paved with banana skins. With John Major it was his “Back to Basics”, then Gordon Brown spoke of having a “Moral Compass” and now Ed Miliband has slipped on his very own banana skin, his key policy and mantra, the “Cost of living crisis”. Major’s extra-marital dalliance with Edwina Curry took the shine off his Family Values policy. Brown memorably slipped up by calling a Labour voter, Mrs Duffy, a “bigoted woman”, having minutes before shaken her hand, smiled and complemented her by saying “I can tell you’re a good woman”. Funnily enough Mrs Duffy was on her way to buy a loaf of bread when she bumped into Mr Brown.

Coincidently it is a loaf of bread that caused Ed Miliband embarrassment. When asked in a recent interview what he thought the weekly shop for a family of four cost he said it was about £70, then when quizzed about the cost of a loaf of bread he had no idea. Once asked a similar question Boris Johnson once replied something on the lines of “buggered if I know!” which is the sort of thing I’d say. But if your specialist subject is the cost of living crisis you really should know this sort of stuff. Surprise, surprise, the Daily Mail, as they do, then checked out how much the Miliband family actually paid for bread. The answer: £2.25 for a loaf at his local Delicatessen.

Bread pictureI was pondering on all this as I pushed our trolley around the local Aldi store (our solution to the cost of living crisis) and had a great idea for the opening scene for a Labour Party political broadcast. It goes like this: Ed sits at his kitchen table and on his right is the Deli £2.25 loaf and to his left an Aldi 57p loaf and he says “I like this one,” points to the Deli loaf then pointing to the Aldi loaf says “But I also like this one.”

Of course the film crew would have to bring the Aldi loaf with them as I shouldn’t think there is much call for an Aldi store in the Miliband’s neighbourhood.


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